Episode 03: Gitika Gidwani's "Memories"

By Ashwamegh / 01 August 2021 / 20:00:20

In this episode, the guest of the show is Gitika Gidwani, reading her poems “Memories”, "Lockdown 2020" and “Udaan”. The episode showcases the conversation of Gitika with A Poet’s Work host Ashwamegh about how she uses the power of poetry.

Gitika is a young poet. She was born in the land of spices - India. Growing up here , she realised her love for writing her thoughts in the form of poetic verses and this love has led her to create the first edition of her poetry book 'IMAGINE'. She is a budding writer, a co-author in three anthologies and a compiler in one. She is an aviation enthusiast- for her the sky is home . She has always believed in one theory - Someone who loves flying does not fear falling down. Caution : Her laugh is contagious.


Remember the time when we were five,
Happy, cheerful and full of life,
Dancing, Playing and rolling about,
Happy, carefree without self doubt.

Remember the time when we played for hours,
Bikes, dolls and several toy cars,
Our mothers used to scold us for playing in sand,
How this time passed by spinning the magic wand.

Remember the time when we were teens,
Idle, lazy and bored in quarantine,
Trying to discover each talent that we possess,
Gathering all courage, trying to Impress.

Remember this time when we re busy,
Engrossed in studies avoiding to be frizzy,
When no one has the time to enjoy and play,
Roll about in sand and clay.
I wish i could go back in time,
Re live the days when I was nine,
Sit with my family and walk,
Unlike today when we don’t even talk.

Lockdown 2020

The year has been crazy with ups and downs,
I baked my first cake adding sugar and browns,
When I thought I could never try my hand at art,
I sketched a book for someone close to my heart.

I missed dancing with my mates, in school events,
Hopping to the online culture in great suspense,
Sitting at home in front of screens,
Muting the mic to avoid the background screams.

The year has been a mixture of days - good and bad,
Of early mornings and nights that were sad,
Of Movies and binge watching on some,
Dancing in my room on EDM and drum.

I evolved as a person, investing in self time,
Working hard to make my future shine.


Six years back I saw a dream,
I kept it to myself & did not scream,
For the world would think i am young,
Having no control over my tongue.

Time passed and that dream became a passion,
With all my courage I then made a confession,
To my parents of how I want to fly,
"It's too risky", they began to sigh.

Six years ahead and not a single day has passed without me flying in the air,
Without any self care,
Waiting to be in the cockpit,
Where as a Captain I would proudly sit.

A dream is not what you see while you sleep,
A dream is something which doesn't let you sleep,
I wish to be a pilot real soon,
And turn this passion into a boon.

Link to Gitika's Poetry Book "IMAGINE": https://linktr.ee/imaginebygitika

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