Episode 06: Kanan Parmar's "10,000 Ways of Hyena's Greed"

By Ashwamegh / 29 August 2021 / 20:00:00

In this episode, the guest of the show is Kanan Parmar, reading her poems"10,000 Ways of Hyena's Greed","Treason of Dreamland"and“While Living the Life”. The episode showcases the conversation of Kanan with A Poet’s Work host Ashwamegh about how she uses the power of poetry.

Kanan is a young poet based out of Kadi, Gujarat. She has co-authored two books -"World of Women"and"The Act of Perseverance"which includes her selected poetries. She is also working as a co-compiler of an upcoming book. You'll find the link to the books below. She lives with a dream of opening an art gallery to help emerging artists to showcase their Crafts & Creations. Her poems convey the message"Love yourself, Love everything you have been given"

Link to the books:

10,000 Ways of Hyena's Greed

If the weather dooms
I'll find a shell
Cover my flower of faith
Tilt through the darkness
While blooming a name My speed will be slow
But sly as shine to catch
Until the shadow fades
The lowly inherited beings
Lifting up the weight
Of all the failures
Like the light feathers
That fear won't scare me
I know to stand up again with
10,000 ways of Hyena's greed.

Once, I caught the shooting star
Enchanted with its twinkles
I follow it's way to high
But it's hard to pass the thorns
It pricks feet and bring angel's fall
But who would loose this chance again?
I garners up all the strength again
In my heart and made courageous will
Everyday I wait for the sun to rise
And again climbs like a creeper's vine
Until the cloudy shade sweeps away
My shiny eyes meets plain blue dome
That's how, I wear cape of comfort
That's how, I rejuvenate my ways
That's how, the story of the end begins.

But, you know?
Lord given me wings
Invisible to all.
Figures me in limit,
That scorching wave to foil.
In forests of hollow pride
Going to flow the crystal water,
On the bolshie rock,
Shape it with charm.
In the middle of downs
Times to choose,
Some follow lion's brave roars,
But I'll choose Hyena's greed
To prey everyday's feast.

Treason of Dreamland

Last night in my dream
Something happened
Magically feels that moment
I hoped it may come out
Of that dream next morning
Suddenly someone told me
"It's unnecessary to hold on
That thought of yours"
I became conscious, feeling rotten
Underated my own will
I, myself became against it
Tossed it away to far
Now couldn't see even
Where I thrown that
Piece of knack of mine
Abandance or abundance
Is a choice, I know now
Bowing others while standing on
Paper of leaving the dream on stake
Called treachery to land
Where you dream, To you
Now I often feel
I have been the traitor
For the treason of my dreamland
No one else.

While living the life

The stars showing their twinkles,
The moon confined by sunlight,
Fills the gap by appearing in the dark.
How the mankind forgets to show love
To each other.
No matter what everything happens as destined to.
While living the life.

However my affection manages itself,
And try to collect love for the world.
The cruelty people carry in their hearts,
Will lead to no human-hood.
No matter what everything happens as destined to.
While living the life.

When baby's first mourn,
Collect all smiles of their folks.
Nature's telling us,
There's always a journey of pain to joy.
No matter what everything happens as destined to.
While living the life.

As of now, waiting for miracle,
Of constant believe in soul.
That someone will be greater than the god,
And guides us the path of being human.
No matter what everything happens as destined to.
While living the life.

Getting wrinkles, still that source of happiness is missing,
Have charging of spirituality only left.
Spend every single day for that one moment of peace,
But there's no more time left.

While living the life,
Everyone thinks for that one moment which never arrives.
That moment is here to live.
Burden on mother Earth will fluctuates,
Whenever the time summons, we'll be ever ready.

No matter what everything happens as destined to.
While living the life.

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